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Puppy Care

30 minutes

Do you have a shiny new puppy? As you've noticed they are driven by curiosity and an ongoing need for exercise and human contact.  A solid routine during this period of development is fundamental to their training. To help your pup become a dog that is welcome anywhere, he will need to be house trained, well socialised and have good manners.


We are here to help get your youngster’s formative years off to a great start! We offer extra human affection, more bathroom breaks and plenty of fun. We help with feeding & medication if necessary.

A Puppy Visit from Pourquoi Paw offers a beneficial level of consistency. Puppy will enjoy a short outing to practice leash walks and basic obedience. This is the perfect occasion to begin to explore the world all the while encouraging him to do his business outdoors.


Less time alone reduces undesirable behavior and accidents. (We clean up any messes they do make.) 

Potty Breaks

15 minutes

This short visit is perfect for quick relief and a good stretch, along with some fun and diversion. We take care of feedings, changing water, giving medication and cleaning of little ‘accidents’ when required.


Pourquoi Paw recommends this approach for puppies, the old veterans, the less active, as well as the special needs doggies.


This is a good solution for the days when unexpected events keep you away for longer than you had predicted.

***We will default to Potty Breaks in cases of extreme temperature***

During each visit, we refresh water bowls; provide food and medicine when required. Any 'accidents' will be cleaned up. Out of courtesy, wet dogs are dried off and muddy paws are wiped clean.

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