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What kind of Dog is Bert?

Our leader of the pack is a 'one of a kind' rescue. We see Wolf Hound/ Shepherd cross. He doesn't seem to care and, like your own dog, he is a cherished member of our family.

Why does Pourquoi Paw need 2 sets of keys?


We want to ensure that doggie will not miss a visit! What if somehow we take Fido into the backyard and get locked out? What about the unlikely event of a dropped or lost key?

The walker has one key and the second is kept in a secure key cabinet in our office. Keys are tagged and coded (without address identification!!)

What kind of customer protection is offered?

We have insurance specific to dog walking.

We are Bonded.

We have Clean criminal record checks.

We are trained in Pet First Aid

Nathalie is a Certified Veterinary Assistant

What methods of payment will Pourquoi Paw accept?

We prefer e-transfers and will accept cash and cheques. Payment is required before services. Weekly invoicing is possible once history is established.

How long are the walks and visits?


Pretty much as long as you want...we work in 15 minute increments EXCEPT FOR GROUP WALKS. See our rate page for our most popular requests. 

What are the requirements for a Group Walk?

Current vaccinations

Sterilization (after 7 months)

Valid City of Gatineau licence

Collar tag with owner's information

No signs of aggressive behavior

Where do you walk and will my dog always have the same walker?

We cover a variety of areas around Aylmer depending on the dog's needs. We think that mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise. Using different parks and neighborhoods keeps the dogs curious and interested. Nathalie and Eric, together or alone, will be your walkers.

What is your mode of transportation?


We have two well maintained and air-conditioned cars.

What is your cancellation policy?

We are happy to accomodate changes in your plans as long as we are provided with 24 hours notice. We will not offer refunds if cancellation is received when we arrive or if we turn down walks based on your appointment.

Are there times when you suspend dogs walks?

We generally walk in all conditons, rain, shine or snow but we consider your dog's well-being first and foremost. In extreme weather we will provide at least a Potty Break as to ensure that the basic needs are met. We adjust your cost accordingly.

What happens if there is an emergency while my dog is in your care?

Depending on the nature of the emergency, First Aid is given to the animal, the owner gets called  and  we proceed to your vet. 


Did we miss anything?

Please don't be shy.. drop us a line!


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