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Kitty Care

House Check

Before you get the idea that we're all dogs, we love cats too. Their needs are different is all. Often owners may want to leave their cat(s) at home while they are away for a length of time. Since kitties are on home turf and are true individuals, we do what ever works for them, as often as you like.

The basics are feeding & fresh water, cleaning of bowls and litter boxes. Felix needs medications? No problem. He will receive as much affection and play as he prefers. Brushing anyone?


Pourquoi Paw suggests adding the House Check option to your kitty visit, if you are away. Your home will look occupied during your absence as we bring in mail, turn lights on and off, open and close curtains.The radio will play Felix's favourite hits and your plants won't go thirsty. Fees will be determined according to your needs.

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